Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Garden Update 5

There weren't many huge changes this time around, everyone is getting taller and if I say so myself, more leggy, a problem I had last year that I thought if I caged them early I might avoid this year... The jolly green tomato, all ready tall has gotten more so and  is a now a Rockette and gets closer to joining the line  every day, really, by July they will be ready for Radio City.  I'm going to have to think about tying back a few of the branches because I'm a little worried about the plant being able to support the length of some of them, I don't want to lose any potential tomatoes because a branch snaps.

My little Rockette may be leggy but it's not wasting all its energy with its greenery. It's finally using some of that grow something other than branches.

There are a lot of flowers out there but all the varieties are on different schedules. We have:

Wee little fetal flowers and at long last we have...

We have  wee little tomatoes too! They belong to the Carolina Gold, last in the ground first to produce! Way to go Carolina Gold!, which sounds like a variety of marijuana but is actually a mid-sized golden tomato. The peppers are as always, a leetle behind, but they are working hard. So far, all the varieties are at least trying to form flowers. Two plants have actually come across with blooms:
Very nice. The bean plants got such a good start and then modeled themselves after the tomatoes and seem to concentrate on growing branches. But, like the tomatoes they have seen the light
The only group I'm waiting on now are the broccs but they are a different kind of plant and I'm going to be waiting a while to see anything from them.  While I am good about waiting to eat my broccoli, someone is not waiting.  What is eating my plants?, first the brocs
And next, what evil has the nerve to be eating my peppers?
Even worse, I don't think they are being eaten by the same thing. Thus far, the tomatoes have been spared.
Oh, as long as I am doing a garden update, how about a Dogger and Kitty update...

Dogger is doing much better, you can't tell from the picture but the wound has finally closed up and I was able to free her from her E-collar. Ace is just getting bigger and cuter every day. 

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