Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Anniversary

I missed important anniversaries last week. On Friday, It was my eighth anniversary of working with the state and Tuesday was my eighth anniversary of living in the state. I remembered that November 1 was the anniversary of my last day at the nursing home and October 15 was the anniversary of being called to HR and being told that today they were giving my two weeks notice that they were laying me off. It is cold comfort that the witch in HR doesn't have her job there either.

But anyway One door closes and a window opens - Which has always sounded weird to me. The door is closed but "Hey there's a window!" What are you supposed to do, jump out of it? I bet if I hadn't jumped cross country and  I was still living in Dallas I wouldn't be wearing a corduroy shirt right now and I certainly would not have ordered hot chocolate with lunch.

Saturdays' weather was completely different. It was hot, and while  it  did rain,  it stopped every now and then. Today, it just rained all day, the upside being that I was relived of all responsibility towards mowing my lawn - Which I didn't want to do anyway, as it didn't technically "need" to be mowed, but I would have most likely, maybe. Now I'm going to end up doing sometime this week after work no maybe's about it, and by then it really need to be mowed.


I had to stop typing  for a while because Tiny was trying to escape by tunneling down my sleeve and it interfered. I had tucked him under my shirt because I was cold and I thought he would like being close to his Mummy and it would be a good Person/Kitty bonding thing.  It wasn't. Poor Tiny, his little brain is just not well developed, he could have just left the shirt the way he got in but instead first he tried to escape by crawling out the neck of the shirt, where he was stymied and then he tried to make a break for it by tunneling down my sleeve, where he was again stopped short, I  had to unbutton my shirt cuff before he he could get out. I laughed a lot. He didn't. The Kitty would have just blasted his way to freedom. Poor Tex. Sigh.

Speaking of my late cat, I went to the art fair this weekend in hopes of finding him an urn, he's earned one after all and I don't want him to spend eternity in a plastic box. I looked at a lot of pottery but I couldn't find the right peice and then I started to think that maybe a breakable container might not be the right choice, Tex was a life long smasher of crockery, and it would be Karmic justice if Tiny accidentally smashed his urn. Tiny doesn't do things on purpose like Tex did, but he is clumsy. I also think that Tex would like to be in a warmer, more natural environment as he was a real lover of the outdoors, what little of it he got to experence. Okay, I know he's dead and his ashes feel nothing , but still I want his spirit to approve of his lodgings.  So, I am now thinking of maybe a wooden container. Wooden  vessels also come with lids and that was an issue I had with a lot of the pottery I looked at - No lid. No lid means no go as far as the storage of ashes is concerned and it can't be a permanent lid because I want the opportunity to scatter ashes, I just don't want to scatter him on the carpet.

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