Tuesday, May 5, 2009

People can be so thoughtless. And bitchy

I wanted to post pictures of my new planter but I'm having some sort of Java driver .do issue and I can't upload anything because computers do not recognize .do and won't play ball with it. Whatever. I spent the last  hour and half watching some  program that was supposed to fix my little .do problem and it was perking right along until it encountered an error and had to stop so that killed an hour and a half and I still have the .do problem so I still can't upload any images and that makes me sad.

If I can't upload pictures how can I Friday Kitten Blog? I mean life will not be worth living. It will, it will just be sadly Kitten Blogging deficit and that is so very depressing. So this has to get fixed. Does anyone out there know anything about java script and this pesky .do thingy? Because I know nothing and I need to be able to post images. Really, need is not to strong a word. I need to be able to post images.

While the program was still doing its thing, I took Dogger for another therapeutic walk and she did very well,  we again walked around the block - Which surprised me because I was afraid that she hadn't worked up the stamina to go that distance two days in a row but  she surprised me. Tonight though, she did not want to walk through the empty patch that we use as a short cut to get back to our street, so we had to walk around and go in front of one of the Pirates service stations. While we were trying to decide if we wanted to cut through the parking lot or walk around the station, this very rude woman pulled up at the light and looked at Dogger and screamed at me through her closed window : Put that dog down! Put that dog down! I was like "What?" and she repeated as she was making her turn, Put that dog down!.  I don't understand why she said this and she can go directly to hell. Dogger looks really good right now, or at least a whole lot better than she looked before. I think the lady was just a bitch but Dogger and I don't need to hear things like that.

Dogger was limping, but at this point limping is a lot better than hopping and yes her leg is shaved and that can look a little off putting...  If the beyotch thought she looked bad now, she should have seen her when her incision was still all stitched up and red and Dogger had lost a lot of wright and was all bony and thin and had razor burn and was wearing the E-collar all the time and was being walked with a sling... She has no idea how good Dogger looks now.  But what a bitch! If I had something to throw at her car I would have, I did have something! I had a bag of dog shit! I didn't even think of it as a form of communication! I could of nailed her car with it! But I am too damn nice.

 I am too damn nice but there was the matter of the  two cop cars pulled into the other pirates station and it may have been a bad time to be testing the  language of  flying bags of dog shit.  She could certainly talk shit I wonder if she wanted to eat  shit too? I could have arranged it.


Cat said...

She totally deserved to have dog poo thrown at her. If you knew her address you could leave a flaming bag of dog doo on her doorstep. What a nasty, nasty person. I'm sorry.

Diana said...

That woman goes through life with poo on her shoe and I think she is a crazy person. Everyone else Daisy and I run into are so nice and so supportive and always comment on her progress. It's nice to have a cheering section.