Friday, May 22, 2009


Dick Wolf owes me a cookie. Last week I was the only one watching his show because Lost  was on and this week I was the only one watching his show because American Idol was on. I mean, really. I was the only one in America  who watched the last two episodes of Law and Order . I think I want Jeremy Sisto to come to my house and mow my lawn.

Today at work someone ate  baked spaghetti at their desk and I decided I needed baked spaghetti for dinner. I came home fed everyone else their dinner and then thought about mine. I wanted good ingredients, so I thought about going to Lowe's because they must better than Kroger, which is much better than Food Lion but charges too much. I wanted to gt something good but I didn't want to get over charged. I then treated myself to a Kroger where market research told them the stores target demographic  want to have Newman's Own products available. The market research at my Kroger told them them the demographic at that store doesn't know who Paul Newman was and isn't interested in any spaghetti sauce that can not also be used as a frosting.

I ended up with some really good baked spaghetti. Not homemade but really, really good. I tarted it up and little and added some sausage and left it to simmer and it was good. Not my Moms, but still, for something out of a bottle it was not bad. Go Me. I was doing all this and I forgot that it wasn't actually Friday night and that I had other chores to do. Instead I went to a foreign grocery store and took a leisurely tour of the aisles and then I went home and browned the sausage and heated the sauce and made the spaghetti and I was like Oh. Damn. Is it Thursday?. Friday is a better day for leisurely shopping and cooking. Thursday's are better for gathering trash and  deciding what I'm going to wear to work tomorrow and being aware that I have to go to work tomorrow. Fridays I can go wild.

I also had this idea that I was going to give Dogger a bath and launder all of her bedding. I'm not sure when I was going to do all this but I gather it was going to be after I mowed the lawn. I think my plans also included taking Dogger for a post-bath walk. I have no idea when all of this was going to get accomplished but I was also watching Studio 60 during all this. That show is very anxiety producing! I had forgotten that. It's good but everyone  must have wore bite guards to bed. What ever happened to Rob Codreys brother? He was so cute...

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