Friday, June 19, 2009

Fri, Fri, Friday

 Have you ever gone mano-a-mano with a large, filthy, wet area rug? Did you put a lot of thought into it before you started? Yeah, I didn't either.

When Dogger had her blow out the other day, she blew a lot of it onto the area rug in her room.  Previously I put no value on this rug, it was in the room because I thought it would protect the wall-to-wall in the room in the case of a blow out, which by the way it did not. There is no reason now to  not make this stinky problem go away... So of course I dragged  it outside, hosed it off and then wrestled the now quite heavy, wet, nasty, drippy rug up, over my head and onto a fence so it can dry off  and then hopefully rejoin the rest of the house in some capacity, although I can not promise it it's old position back....because for some reason I have decided that the rug is so very important to me that when it outlived it's usefulness I had to send it to live in the dogs room ... Because I am pathologically attached to this rug.

But now? Now its worth its weight in gold. The.  Most.Valuable. Area . Rug. Ever

On to other, better Dogger news. She ate two quarters of a cup of dog food for a total of one half cup of dog food and she did not throw it back up or suffer explosive lower GI issues! And even better? She hasn't thrown up or suffered serious GI issues since early in the morning and then she was only slightly explosive and in an approved location. Yay!!  I'm not taking any chances though, I have her crate surrounded by newspapers and the couch protected from any of her "issues". When I'm home I take her out every fifteen minutes so that might be helping.

Now that she seems safely on the road to recovery, I'm going to Ikea for the weekend and putting her in Doggy storage. I'm not kidding, I'm boarding my dog and  getting up at dawn on Saturday to drive three hours to Charlotte to go to  Ikea and I can't wait.

I'm boarding her at an animal hospital  so don't look at me like that.

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Yo'Momma said...

re shopping in Raleigh vs. IKEA: Get real! have you ever tried Real Shopping in NEW BERN?? A shopper's paradise--NOT!!! Raleigh is paradise!