Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Garden Update 7

Things are puttering along. All the tomatoes have produced fruits!, all the plants are very tall and all have been tied up. If  everything that is there now gets ripe I'll have a truck load of tomatoes!

Big tomatoes
Clusters of tomatoes

 Bunches of tomatoes

 Couples of Tomatoes

Groups of Tomatoes

 Teams of Tomatoes
And last but not least...
A single pepper!
While the tomatoes are certainly out there working their little seeds to the bone, so far none have even come close to ripening or even coming close to their full size. Everything is green for the time being but at some point in the hopefully not-to-distant future they will be  big reds, little reds, pink, yellow, orangish and white! I can't wait. If my peppers ever get it together they will be red and green and orange and stripped! Fat and skinny and big and little.  It's going to be very exciting. At some point. 
I just have to remain vigilant about those that plot against us, the bugs and worms and slugs and all the rest of the nasty beasties Mother Nature lets eat my things. Thank Gawd for Seven.
Two family Pictures:

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