Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Garden Update 8

We have finally achieved  peppers!

That is the Gypsy Pepper variety for those of you keeping track. Along with my little pepper friend are many tomatoes

objects in photo appear riper than they actually are

objects are larger than they appear

That was the good news. The bad news, picture NSFW

Those are from four plants

The four plants in question.

If you remember I dropped about a ton of napalm on those little bastards and I thought that it did the trick - and they did disappear for a while but obviously it must have been for maternity leave. This time I picked the little bastards off by hand and killed them, before, I just pitched them over the fence and squished a few as object lessons to the rest. I didn't take any prisoners this time, first I drowned them in alcohol and then I put them in the plastic trash bin.And then I poisoned again.
On to happier things,

My beans are very happy...

Family picture

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