Thursday, June 25, 2009

In the Hood

The kids across the street have kazoos. At first they were kazooing what I am now guessing were kazoo scales because soon after they began  with Joyful, Joyful, we adore thee interspersed with Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. It's really neat and provided a nice back drop for watering my plants,  before I go outside and while the kazoo scales are being run, Tiny has a look of abject kitty horror on his face as he sat on the coffee table staring at the window. He's never heard of such a thing, Dogger looks amused,  while she isn't much of a music fan she is at least not frightened of it. For her part Dogger seems to prefer ballet overtures to spirituals.

The kazooing was also my cue to wake up. At some point after I came home and got everyone fed, I decided that I needed to be asleep and I stayed that way longer than I would had planed if I were to have planned to take a nap. I got up at some point  and tried out the carpet near Doggers crate, but that didn't last because it disturbed Dogger very much to see me prone. When I got up for good,  I realized that it was much later than it should be and dinner might be more a midnight snack.

I really wish now I hadn't napped. I don't like eating dinner at a quarter to nine and I am especially do not like having to go out to the store at nine on a school night to buy sugar. I don't like going out after dark for stupid errands like that, the store is too bright and there are all these people and noise and colors and its just not what I like to subject myself to when I'm supposed to be getting ready for bed. And? I couldn't take Dogger for her walk, poor Dogger, she lives for her public.

Which means I also missed my daily rounds. I really like my neighborhood, even with the odd gun shots and the sirens and the scary gangster guys who drive too fast and now, these weird white people who are springing up all over and in the oddest places - There may even be some next door. It's really nice to go on walks and have people say Hi and wave from their porches.  People hang out on their porches and visit with each other, the kids play in the yards and run back and forth. There is someone on every block that wants me to stop and chat about Doggers progress, it makes me wish I spent more time sitting on my own porch.

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