Monday, June 22, 2009

It (was) an Ikea, it (was) an Ikea, Ikea weekend!

Those of you with a store in your town can just suck it. If we want to go to an Ikea and who doesn't, we have to drive hours to get to one. It's better now though because now we don't have to cross state lines for Billy shelves.

Brosky, Alphagal, Tiny E and Baby Nephew made a pilgrimage to Charlotte to go shopping. Along the way I discovered that 1) Charlotte isn't that far away and it has really, really good shopping. A lot. Much. Much. Much better than what is available in Raleigh. They have a BASS WORLD for Gawds sake! I haven't seen a Bass World since I left Dallas! I am going to have to go back to Charlotte so that I can shop at places other than Kohls, Target and Best Buy. It was eye opening and while my eyes were open I didn't see a single Ross, Marshals or TJ Maxx. I almost cried.

After many (two and a half)  hours we arrived at the Promise Land:

And as you are approaching the doors you look up and see this
Oh, it would, it really would!
And then we shopped. And shopped and shopped. And then we had lunch, the Swedish meatballs were outstanding by the way,  and then we shopped and shopped and shopped some more.  And after all this shopping, Gold Medal level shopping by the way, we went to check out. Did you know that you can get an entire Ikea into the back of a Subaru?
 What is not visible in that shot, are my prizes and the prettiest and least useful of all the things I bought and I bought a lot of things. A lot of useful things, like a can opener and napkins and a carpet protector thingy for my office (pictured above),  hidden among these very useful things were two lamp shades
They're so pretty! I couldn't leave them there. Clearly, I didn't "need" these but I really wanted them and how could I come all that way and leave with just a can opener?!
 I love Ikea. Who did not love Ikea? Dogger  and Tiny. Dogger did well being boarded and her health has steadily improved since I dropped her off and the staff assured me that she was a very good girl while she was with them. She was okay with the boarding facility but she was still  bounced around like a super ball when I picked her up. 
She doesn't sleep well away from home and clearly getting some sack time was high on her list of priorities when I brought her home. It wasn't possible to let her conk out as soon as we got home because she had to take her her pills, eat some dinner and then go for a walk. She crashed as soon as I brought her inside. Tiny on the other hand, got to stay in his won house all weekend and I think he greeted me with even more joy than Dogger did. I was very pleased with how well he did while he was alone. He was all by himself from Friday night until Sunday afternoon and he did just fine. Lonely, but fine and he didn't make any messes or break anything.
I am going back to Ikea very soon, but not for a whole weekend, my baby animals need me.

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