Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Letters from Tiny

As I was straightening up Sunday night after I came home and I ran across these notes:

Der Mama

Wher ar u

Tiny iz trying rel hrd to tak care ov teh hoz fir yew, Teh hoz is veri beeg and dark and Tiny iz al lon. Tiny iz scrd and wats u to kom hme to Tiny. Whr is dog, wher is mama. Dog iz not hre and Tiny is lonley. Tiny luke al obr hoz no mama no dog. It is drk and teh opengs are covd and hos maks noz an maks cold blo.

Who wil Tiny lic nose at nite? Him cant lic mama nose. Tiny sad,

I belive it was written with ink made from crushed kibble mixed with kitty tears. Sigh. It may have neen written early in the weekend. I found another note downstairs.

Dear Mama

I'm strongr now. Iv hd time to think and gro and Im not az afrad az I wuz. I know yu arnyt in teh hoz and dog iz not here hideing bekus I luked. Al nite. Im ok tho. R yu comming bac.

That one was written with the pen I keep with the phone.

Dear Mama,

I knoe you gone. I knoe the dog is gon. Ar you with teh dog. I know I am no alone. Teh litle animuls  ply with me al nite. I hnt thm. I am a hntr. Im vry strong. I mz yu so much, Im sori I maed yu mad. Pleaz com hm to me. I'll be ok if yu cant, I am a hntr.

That one was written in lipstick on the bathroom door. I was back by late afternoon Sunday, so he still had time to write this one.

Dear Mama,

Your gone and you aren't coming back. The dog was my friend. Bring dog back,  please come home to Tiny  I'm tired of hunting and I want fresh kibbles. I want to lick your nose. Please come to home to Tiny.

That one was left on my desk top, Tiny rocked the spell check. I think the next time I go out of town I'm going to hook Tiny up with a Twitter account.


Eduth said...

Wow, that's some smart cat!

Diana said...

He's home schooled, what can I say?