Monday, June 29, 2009

Napping is good for you

I am almost embarrassed about how much nothing I did this weekend. Almost . I had two weekends in a row where I went and did and saw and this weekend I did nothing

Well, not really “nothing”. Saturday I started reading The Half Blood Prince ahead of the movie and I went to the vet in the morning and to an exotic, foreign Target with family in the afternoon and then out to dinner. Saturday I was busy. Sunday? I went to Church, hit a buffet to either mark the end of the Year of St. Paul or honor the beginning of The Year of The Priest and went home to nap and I napped most of the day - When I wasn’t taking Dogger on her Doctor ordered “more frequent, less lengthy walks”. And I did a load of laundry. Wow. I rawk hard.

I didn’t even mow the lawn despite the fact that I should have but, we didn’t get any rain last week and it isn’t that bad and I could do it later in the week. I did water my plants and do a second round of tomato plant pruning . Speaking of tomatoes, I harvested two handfuls over the weekend with another handful due in the coming week. I would now like the larger varieties to feel free to ripen up because they are falling behind and beginning to look kind of like wusses. The interesting little white tomatoes can also come ripe and stop being green. It’s not that I have a plan for all these little tomatoes regardless of their color, I don’t honestly know what to do with little tomatoes and I don’t eat salad so I’m kind of at a loss as to how to prepare these things - I do have a couple of ideas, one is to put them into the processor and mix them with some ground meat and go from there, maybe ack, gag buy a bell pepper and use the sausage/tomato mix as a stuffing? And another is Meat loaf. I could make a met loaf and add the tomatoes to it! That would be good and I would get meat loafs out of it. I love a good meat loaf.

The pepper that was growing last week is still perking along and now has been joined by a younger sibling. I have to look up online to see what they are supposed to look like. At present the more mature pepper seems to be long and narrow and yellowish. I’m pretty sure that they pepper selection that I ordered was sweet peppers so I know I’ll enjoy them but I don’t really know what to do with non-bell peppers, I mean sure “Grill them”, you say but I don’t have a grill and like the little tomatoes, I’m not sure what you do with peppers. No, I don’t eat salsa either.

The green beans after a great start have slowed down. The leaves look a little dusty to me and I don’t know what that means. They may be getting taxed by my lazy gardening and lack of desire to thin the herd like I should have or they have one of the 12,987 thousand different plant diseases that happen. I don’t know. I do know that I do actually know what to do with green beans and that I want more of them. The brocs are still in ICU but I haven’t noticed any new infestation, I’m afraid though it doesn’t take many infestations to blow your broc crop for the season.

On a happier note, one of the vines I planted from seed has flowered! Lets hear it for Spanish Flag!

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