Thursday, July 2, 2009

A bar too high

Hello! Sorry yesterday was so brief, but the fam was in town and things just kind of got away from me. And those pesky three walks a day and I just ran out of time. And there was this NOVA episode about Oliver Sacks' latest book and well, sorry. Have you ever read any Oliver Sack books? you really should.

Thursday is out little group at works quarterly birthday party. We used to celebrate birthdays on actual birthdays but someone objected and now we do quarterly parties. They are lame. I am hoping that someone retires soon. The last quarterly birthday I made the most adorable pink cupcakes ever. Really, I wa so happy and they were just so cute, I set the  bar really high. Well, tonight, I made cupcakes again. I had a great idea, I wanted to go red-white-and-blue, you know in honor of July 4th. Fine. So, I had this vision, white icing, red sprinkles and something blue. What is blue? Blue food is not as common or as cupcake ready as you might imagine. No one wants blue corn chips on a cupcake. No, really, they don't. I asked around. Then I decided on blueberries! Everyone likes blueberries right?

I made the cupcakes, they turned out well. Fairly even, not very tippy. I was pleased. So. let there be icing. I iced, I blue-berried, I sprinkled. Not cute! Art by a bad artist! Hells Cupcakes!  I was horrified. I mean, really. The pink ones were like an artists rendition of pink cupcakes. Sigh. The bar was too high.

I looked at them and felt really bad. I added more sprinkles and it didn't do it for me. I added more berries and still wasn't feeling it. I'm just not happy with these cupcakes. The berries are too big and too dark and the sprinkles are too small and maybe I used too much or not enough or the wrong kind, and the frosting is not white enough and its the wrong texture. If they did the same thing in a magazine it would look so much better.

I am having cupcake disappointment.

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Cat said...

Hello internet readers. I want to tell you all that Dianaverse is being unrealistically hard on herself. Those cupcakes were festive and adorable, and more importantly, they were some of the best tasting cupcakes I've ever eaten. And I've eaten a lot of cupcakes in my time, lemme tell you.