Thursday, October 22, 2009


I didn't get any good catalogues in the mail today. I feel unloved. Christmas is coming and I should be getting stacks and stacks and I'm not and this is wrong. I used to get catalogues because I think I noticed it was almost Christmas and I wasn't getting any so I went to a site and signed up for many, many, many catlouges and they started to arrive and I felt very loved but as soon as they figured out that I was not going to buy anything ever they broke up with me and I don't hear from them any more. I decided it was time to go back into the market and find new catalogues to tease.

And I did. I am now on the mailing lists for The Museum of Modern Art, something called Gaelsong for when somethings got my Irish up, The Vermont Country Store because who doesn't love their catalogue, something called "Whatever Works", the Signals catalog and Coldwater Creek.

I thought about getting Wireless but they have the same things as Signals and why double dip? I think I put myself on more lists the last time I did this but I started out a better Free Catalogues site, so there you go. I put some thought into all the paper and energy that this magazines represent but then I decided that you know what? I actually want these catalogues so it's not completely wasteful. If I had ordered catalogues aimed at long haul truckers or circus performers or antique radio refurbishers, which I could have but didn't, it would have been a waste and wrong and I would need to send Al Gore $25 or something but I didn't. So there.

I also see it as a Win because it will force my mailman to come to my door more frequently thus bringing home the message that he should come to my door everyday regardless and now he will. I just remembered Lillian Vernon at the last minute but the site wouldn't come up. Sorry Lil.

Prior to the Big Catalogue Sign Up, I was watching  A Bit of Fry and Laurie, so funny! OMG!  Did you know that before Hugh Laurie was the saddest man on TV he used to be funny? Totally! He's a comedian. The man who they won't give a Dramatic Emmy (tm) to is really , really funny. Maybe the Emmy voters watched too much Black Adder and now can't buy him in a serious part? He's only been doing it for the last five or six years you would think they could move on but I guess not. I bet if he did a guest shot on 30 Rock he's win one and he would have to limp or use a stunt accent.

I have to admit, I didn't Netflix ABoFaL because I wanted to see Hugh Laurie speak in his natural accent, I got it because I follow Stephen Fry on Twitter and he manages to be interesting and funny in 140 word increments. You know Fry from a bunch of British films and he plays Booths shrink on Bones. When he's not slumming on FAUX,  he does a lot of documentaries and commercials and speaking engagements and he blogs and he writes articles. He appears to be interested in absolutely everything and really loves getting the chance to learn about new things. If you're on Twitter, you should follow him, if you're not on Twitter you Luddite, join up to follow him. He posts a lot. A lot. I mean, really, just about all the time. All day, about every fifteen minutes. He posts all day about everything and he still manages to be funny.  Netflix A Bit of Fry and Laurie and then look the man up on Twitter.

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