Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hi. This is Diana, I'll be away from my desk...

I'm about to kiss my civil liberties good bye, no I'm not going to jail but I am going to go to an airport and get on an airplane so its almost the same but for the prison rape but  then I will be going through one of those new fangled see-you-nekid- security gizmo's because Raleigh is an international attraction to terrorists because their cousin went to school there.

I am going to Dallas to see my friends and visit a little.

Personally, I see much more of a threat to our national security coming from domestic terrorism, but no one has the balls to come down hard on right wing domestic terrorists. We are too scared of  Mohamed and not  scared enough of Dwayne and Dwayne and his buddies will blow up your strip mall before Mohamed  takes down your airplane.

Whatever. I'm going to be out of town for less than forty eight hours and so I've spent the last two weeks preparing for it. I go out of town for three weeks and I don't spend as much time preparing to go - mostly because I do not steam clean my entire life before I leave. My house is very clean right now or at the very least, very much more clean than it was before. I do not do this for my own benefit, I am not worthy enough to go through this much trouble for. A dirty house as a stand in for low self esteem? I do however make my bed every single morning, so I do have that going for me.

I vacuumed the downstairs, I cleaned the kitchen both bathrooms, the dogs room but not the dog because I ran out of time and both entry ways. I have not packed yet but I did adjust my DVR so that my parents won't be bothered by the channels changing on them mid-stream. I know my priorities.

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