Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lambs to slaughter

This was not a productive evening. It was supposed to be. I planned it that way on a previous unproductive evening. When I don't have the energy to do anything I always believe (for some reason) that very soon that energy would appear from where ever  random bursts energy hang in wait until its needed.

It did not show up. Again. I did not clean a single bathroom or vacuum anything or make any decisions about what I am taking with me for the weekend. I am going to Dallas. On Friday. And I'M NOT READY and I am not magically getting that way.

Poor Dogger. She got fed and taken out to pee but not much more. When it got time for her later evening walk I was too busy with the chores I was supposed to do earlier when I was sleeping on her futon. At some point the phone rang and they asked for "Diane", my arch nemesis, I am hopeing that I didn't tell a million dollars that there was no one here by that name. In reality, it was most likely a volunteer calling to remind me that we have a run off election tomorrow and they needed me to vote for their candidate.

I don't have a candidate. Choice A seems like a good progressive candidate, and held state wide office and was good at her job. She did well in the primaries but not well enough to win outright, she is supported by Moveon and other progressive online groups. Choice B also seems like a good progressive candidate  who did well in the primaries but not well enough to will outright but I get a whiff of blue dog off of him. He was a I believe, a JAG in Iraq and tried soldiers who thought they could kill locals for sport.  He is supported by The Party and they think he would be stronger against Richard Burr in the fall elections.

The progressive is a good person, I like her and her platform of, well, progressiveness she did do well among the die hard Democrats that voted in the primaries. Burr would say she is a liberal Democrat and a supporter of the President. If the other guy won, Burr would have to attack a certified war hero - who tried our brave soldiers for defending our country against terrorists and is a Democrat!

I have seen a few signs for Choice A around the neighbourhood, and none for Choice B. Essentially we are deciding which lamb we are sending to slaughter, who we want to seen destroyed by the RNC Machine in the fall. Do we want to hear the lie that Choice A once was a lesbian hooker or the lie that Choice B is a member of the Taliban. The RNC will use both to scare the mountain people out of their shacks to vote.

Richard Burr is very popular among the poor, uneducated and easily frightened, in other words the traditional Republican base. The folks who watch FAUX news all day every day and believe every word. They don't care about the truth, they just want to be told what to do and they will be told to vote for Burr.

So who to vote for.  Choice B is doing more campaigning and got Wes Clark to make robo calls for him and has sent me mailers - this of course speaks to  mainline Party backing, which could speak to more money in the real election, which would be good but is not going to work, Choice A hasn't sent a mailing since the primaries and I haven't gotten a single robo call from her but she has been emailing  - This could speak to that she is doing so well in the polls that she can coast, but, I have not been polled.

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