Tuesday, July 20, 2010


My birthday is in 43 days. In 43 days I'll be 42, and as such I shouldn't really need anything as forty-two is the answer to life the universe and everything. But. What if it isn't? What if Douglas Adams was wrong? I mean, what if forty -tow just follows forty-one? What if it isn't the ultimate answer? What if I can;t just polish my nose and get answers? I was going to order a Genie costume and rent myself out to parties and if that worked out I was thinking of becoming a Carney Step right up folks! I'm Forty-Two!  Answers to life the universe and everything right here! Ask Me Anything!

What if forty-two is just another step in inexorable journey  from merely Old Enough To Know Better to just Old? And really, forty-two? it lacks the panache of forty. People right books about forty, its  a statement age - I am 40!  40 is a life style its the whole Lordy, Lordy Look Who's 40! thing. It means something there is all this deeper meaning to being no longer in your thirties, which is big because it means you are no longer in your twenties... I don't remember being hugely excited about twenty, the best thing about it was next year I would be twenty-one! - Which was really a big deal because then I went in to business for myself doing my younger classmates The Favor and keeping the change - a much more lucritive money earner than fishing change out of jammed coke machines.

 They don't make clever things for 42. I suppose that forty-two is better than forty-one, a real let down after the whole I am 40! angstavaganza. No one celebrates being in their forties All my friends are 40.  My entire graduating class is now at least 40 years old.


While spending a few moments in the here and now, for about ten minutes I entertained the idea of giving the dog a bath and then  having decided I that I really didn't want to do that I then I wasted some time thinking that maybe I would put some thought to following Tom Felton on Twitter because someone on Fark said he was funny but then I decided that he's like twelve or something and it wouldn't be right  and it would make me feel like a stalker- I follow a lot of celebrities, and embarrassing number of them actually but they are all old, I have no problem reading Matthew Perry, who doesn't post enough or the guy who writes Community,  or Elizabeth Banks  who used to post a lot ( still don't know who she is, but recently learned that she is not actually Chelsie Handler), or Roger Ebert who never stops posting... I didn't actually have to search for them though, I followed links to their tweets so it wasn't like I went and formally searched their name or anything. I would follow the funny twelve year old if I found a link to him, that would be less stalker-y.Again, forty-one, should probably not even know who is he is (Draco).

But it doesn't matter! I follow eighty-two people and I almost never go and read any of them any more. I have followers, porn-bots mostly, but when I went to look at my list of folks there seemed to be more than a few actual people. That was heartening.

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