Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back on the chain gang

Okay. I didn't hear from  the insurance company of the woman who hit my car but I did hear from the woman.  Her insurance company did speak to her and they told her if the fix was less than $800 it wouldn't effect her insurance and her husband would never find out.

Um. yeah, about that. Um, I don't care if it costs more than $800, I want for her insurance company to call ME and talk to ME about MY car. My smashed car. I'm the innocent party here and I'm less understanding than I was yesterday about her issues with her husband. Her car is okay, mine has a broken jaw and I want it corrected and if it requires plastic surgery so be it. $800 be damned. I have to sell this POS and I want the best possible price and to get that, it has to be appear to be perfect, hey, if it can be perfect for $799 then bravo but...

She has clearly spoken with her insurance, she has the same police report that I have, so they know about me and they have my numbers. All my numbers, so they don't really have any excuse to not call me promptly and by "promptly" I kind of expected first thing business Monday morning, because you know, she smashed my car and I get more annoyed and my car gets more injured every minute my car isn't getting the medical attention it needs - I want to feel loved and cared for here and I don't. I feel neglected and ignored and the longer I feel sad the less sympathy I feel  for the husband-lying-to-car-smasher. She needs me to be sympathetic.

Not feeling sympathy right now. My insurance told me the other insurance is supposed to get me a rental car while mine is being fixed and Gawd only knows how long that will take. Days and days maybe.

I'm not feeling appreciated at work either. Today was Employee Appreciation Day!! , but they couldn't call it that because they can't get money for something as trivial as letting their employees know that they are important. They could only get what little money they did by putting it the guise of a Customer Service seminar. With cake.

Earlier in the day we tore down and threw away the Customer Service Week decorations. With glee.

My whole work group boycotted the "seminar" but  we did not embargo the cake that was brought back to our building. they sent out a global email letting us know the cake was in the building, I went down to get some and the place was crawling with folks, folks who also didn't go to the "seminar".  It was a huge flat cake, a full sized sheet cake and it was almost untouched. It made me feel a little bad for the PTB that no one came to their party. But not much.

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