Thursday, October 28, 2010

Being a grown up

On the upside - Our new, much needed, much desired office printer arrived! Yay! Happy Snoopy dancing! The other one is ancient and yucky and I hate it. In a perfect world I would be able to take it to a field and beat it to death with a bat. On top of the printer arriving - note I said "arrived" not in use. yet - There was still cake in the break room! and I voted early!

You know what would be cool?  Because didn't get raises this year or last year and we won't get raises next year either, but they could give us cake in the break room all the time Take A Break and Eat some Cake!, they won't pay us but they could keep us buzzing on sugar! True, it does have a Marie Antoinette vibe to it, they don't pay us enough to buy bread so feed us cake, but cake is good and my morale goes us as my blood sugar increases. I think it could work.

I voted early, which is always nice. I was going to wait until the day but then I decided to go with the peer pressure and just do it. I like voting on the day because I get a buzz from the crowds, but today there were crowds at early voting so I got the buzz I wanted. I did have to tell a guy to buzz the fuck off before I got into vote though but the whole thing was a little off putting.

I walked up to the building, I was going to vote on actual election day because I had a voters guide on my computer that I was going to print out and take with because I like to have a cheat sheet and there are just so many slots and so many run without a party designation and I can't remember all the names I'm supposed to remember. I hadn't printed it out yet.

Fortunately, a helpful woman outside the building did have a voters guide. Thus armed I headed into vote, just to be stopped by some asshole wanting me to vote for Sen. Randall, R.

Jackass - Vote for Randall, He's a Christian!
Me - No thank you.
Jackass - He's Pro-Life!
Jackass - He's a Pro-Life Christian!
Me - I said, NO THANK YOU!

The helpful lady who gave me the voters guide just showed me a mock up of the ballot and gave me the information I needed.  She didn't shout at me and wouldn't have said anything if I didn't approach her first. Guess who's candidate I voted for?

I went in and didn't have to wait at all. I had heard there were long lines and waits, not at my early voting location. I did my thing and went to a booth and promptly messed up my ballot. There were just too many races and I was confused by the 10,000 judges. There is an instant run off for one class of judges and I had to pick choice 1,2, and 3 and I marked my ballot wrong. When I ran it through the scan-tron it spit it out and I had to turn in my ruined  ballot and go again.  I took more time with my guild and got it right the second time.

Voted a straight ticket too. Out of spite.

As I was leaving I complained to the voting place supervisor and she said she had received other complaints about the jerk and mentioned the  story in the paper about Randall's Army of Douche Bags that are at  all the polling places. Some of them are inside the voting place challenging voters and questioning they can legally vote or not. My guy was outside. I would have busted heads if someone challenged me at the polls. Well, first I would have voted and then I would screamed for a lawyer. But fortunately for all I am too affluent appearing, white, middle aged and female to be a good target for that kind of harassment. Good thing too because I would scream like, well, a middle aged white lady being thwarted. We don't like that.

Oh and I spent the entire morning on the phone with first my insurance company and then the other woman's insurance company getting our accident ironed out. I am the victim yet it was I who spent the morning on hold. It was deeply annoying as the victim I think all I should have to do is lie there and look wain.The woman who hit me didn't have to do a thing, she hadn't even spoken with her insurance company about the incident past telling her agent it happened - She hadn't filed the claim - I had to file it! with her insurance company! Its not even my insurance and I had to do it and talk to all these people and stay on the phone and go over and over what happened. Not fair.

Any my insurance company did nothing because "it would be faster if I handled it myself" , really? Faster for whom? Whose job is this? Me the victim who didn't do anything wrong or my representatives? Who get paid for this kind of crap. Just because I wasn't at fault should mean I don't get service.

I now however have lined up a body shop, a rental car and have a claim number. Next week I take it in and let someone else deal with it all. Oddly, not the woman who hit me.

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