Friday, October 15, 2010

Book Tour

Is it finally Friday? Damn, it took all week to get here.  Dogger and Baby Kitty and I are going out of town this weekend so I have plans for the first time in weeks, as much as I like doing as little as possible, its nice to have something to do apart from laundry and yard work.

I've also decided that I really need to get a Rangers shirt! I had no luck at all finding one in real life and when I went online to find one the sizes were limited and the prices were outrageous and none of them were specific to The Now.  I wanted one that said Western Division Champs 2010 or "Hey we;re still playing past August!" or something that took note of how special this all is. I guess no one is taking any chances of ending up with a bunch of stiff that won't sell past the next game so they are all sticking with generic Rangers gear instead of being more specific. I get that. However, I want a damn tee-shirt. I might just ask a friend at home to get me one, I'm sure they are selling them at grocery stores - not online of course, stuff like that is never sold online.

One of the reasons I'm going out of town this weekend is to go shopping! Shopping at a library book sale! I can't wait, I love books sales. I'm also hopeing that if I hit this one that it might help me have a little more self control when I go to the Wake County book sale later on this winter. Its truly  inspires me  - to spend lots of money - on the upside I do walk out of there with a metric ton of books. In the past I've walked away with a Time Life cook book featuring the culinary heroics of Scandinavia! And I now have a shelf dedicated to ducks and the people who love them.

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