Monday, October 18, 2010

Laundry List

The Rangers Won! Woo - Hoo!  They beat the Yankees and tied up the series and now they head to NYC for three games, which is good for the Rangers because they rawk on the road.

So its 8pm and I'm in my pajamas. Why am in my pajamas at 8pm? Am I ill? Did I have a bad day? Did a roach crawl across of the toe of my high healed shoe? No to all. I was going to take a shower and then I had to change my plans.

I was gone all weekend, I came home unpacked the car fed the animals and went to fed myself. I came back home moved my bags from point A to point B and did a laundry but not my laundry from the weekend, with my "old" laundry, the "new" laundry is for the next time, first come first served and all that.. This is what I am telling myself so that I don't hate myself for forgetting.

 A faulty memory and a failure to plan is not why I am wearing my pajamas. I can't take a shower at the same time I'm doing a laundry. I'm sure that I could but I don't think I would like it, it wouldn't be a good experience.Actually, I was in pajamas at 7:15 but that made me feel really pathetic. A healthy person shouldn't be in their pajamas at 7:15 unless they are a healthy four year old person and I am not four. I am very much more than four. Ask around.

I thought  after I put on my pajamas that I would take Dogger for a walk. First I would change back into my clothes and then I would take Dogger for a walk - I'm not a coed and its not exam time and I can't get away with that but it didn't matter because Dogger stayed awake long enough to eat dinner and then she fell asleep. If I tried to wake her now I think she would  really object or she would not object but she be the first recorded canine sleep walker and she has enough problems as it is without adding sleep walking to the list, because I know where she would sleep walk and  what she would do while sleep walking and it wouldn't be out in the yard -  So No to canine sleep walking. I want her to stay asleep. Its not her fault I had to reschedule my shower.

By the summer I am going to have a new used car. I want a Honda Element, if anyone can hook me up with a cherry one, that would be cool. A cheap cherry one, I don't necessarily need flames painted on it or the Westminster package but both or either would be cool. So if ya'll could start looking , that would be awse.

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