Monday, November 8, 2010

Aaaannnnddd I'm back.

I just needed to relax, reflect and re-home all  my incendiary devices. I am happy to report that I did not have a stoke and as an added bonus for local rethuglicans  the local GOP headquarters is still standing. The Democratic headquarters is also still standing although they probably deserved a good firebombing for being so damn stupid.

Relaxing and reflecting, relaxing and reflecting

Part of my therapy has been actively thinking about the future. I found and bought my frame cards for Christmas and while they cost a leetle more than what I have bought in the past, upside, I don't have to continue driving around shopping for them and I bought strictly what I needed as opposed to last years cards that were cheaper but I way over-bought. I also now have five Christmas gifts! Yay!

Next on my list is getting hard copies of the pictures themselves.

While I'm thinking about the future, I started on my doggy Christmas cookies. Thus far I have made : chicken and beef broth flavored, pumpkin/molasses, peanut butter, mint/parsley, banana, and turkey gravy . Hmm. That's only seven, I had thought it was eight. Damn. Well, then I have three left, cheese, bacon and  green,milk flavored trees. There are going to be a lot of those little green trees.
 Hundreds of tiny green trees. They will look nice and act as filler and the tiny dogs on my list will really feel included.

Speaking of cookies, I was paging through my dog cookie cookbook, yes, they make them. In fact. I want another one that doesn't feature as much brown rice flour, oat flour, garbanzo bean flour and amaranth flour .I have no relationship with a local artisanal flour mill  and most of these ingredients leave me in a state of acute pique. I  did however, find what I'm going to make Dogger for Christmas:

Pizza flavored dog cookies!  I can't wait! They have tomato paste,  grated mozzarella, grated parmesan cheese , dried: oregano, rosemary, basil and  more than a bit of garlic (I'll add more)! They are going to be so awesome. Dogger hopefully will like them and she no doubt won't think they are as cool as I do, but the idea is very exciting! Did you know rosemary is very good for us? Its a natural antibiotic and an antiseptic and it increases blood flow to the brain. I might add a little of it to all my cookies . A little rosemary, a little garlic - at the very least my kitchen will smell divine.

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