Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happiness is...

House is not on tonight. I'm going to be forced to put together cookie bags or go shopping. Choices, choices. I could also do neither and watch the sixth Harry Potter movie.

I'm feeling pretty relaxed because I did a census of gifts and came out as all but done, I have a couple more to get but if I don't end up getting them it won't be a major loss. Also, I love Amazon and their lists! They should just call themselves "Solutions.Com", now if you do not have a working list, I am thinking about gift cards. I like a good gift card, so I think it might be a viable option. You can make my life easy or I can assign you a trip to the store of my choice. Now, if Amazon would come over to my house and put up and decorate my tree, arrange my Santa's, create a winter wonderland in my yard and wrap my gifts, I might just end up a share holder.

I did get my tree up at work, not the tree tree but my office tree. Its  a little early for the tree, tree. I can't face that just yet- and besides my boss brought in a week old cheese plate and its taking up the space the tree would be.  I think if I had an orphan cheese plate in my refrigerator over the holiday I would have fed it to my family and not brought it to work so it could sit on a table in the hallway all day next to the printer and not get eaten. No one really wants to eat a cheese tray, its like bringing in a can of nuts and saying Look! I brought a can of nuts! Yummm! and not opening it. The can-of-nuts woman has brought the same can of nuts to every function for nine years and no one has yet to open the nuts. She brought it from her last job.

I;'m not entirely sure, but I think the cheese plate may have actually attacked our new printer.  People kept appearing in our hallway and exclaiming over the cheese plate You have cheese! Can we have some cheese!? What kind dof cheese is it! and we were all "Take the cheese! Its special toner flavored cheese, very chic! Take the platter! Move your own cheese brother!" No one asked who brought it, no one asked how long it had been sitting out in the hall way - they were just fascinated by this magic cheese tray. This gummy, toner be-speckled, two week old , left in the sun all day cheese tray. I think some people didn't have a very good Thanksgiving.

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