Friday, November 19, 2010

Its Harry Potter Day!

Yay! I have my ticket in my hot little hand and have had it since last week! No sell out worries for me! and no I'm not going to a midnight show - I have a job and I'm old and I don't have a proper costume and why would you go to a midnight showing if you didn't wear a costume? I'm also not a rabid fan, I'm a fan but I don't froth at the mouth or anything.  I was a bad fan though, I didn't reread the book and I'm sure at some point I planned to and I bet I would have liked to, I really loved reading the first time but I just haven't felt like sitting down and dedicating that much time to power reading. I  know I should have but at the same time the movies and the book exist in different universes, at least that's what they say online at least, so I think I'll be all right.

Failing to read the book my next plan was to watch the old movies the week before I went to go see the new movie. Great idea but if I can't sit still to read a single book I really can't see myself sitting still for six movies -   I'm pretty sure I was able to do that around the time the last move came out and it wasn't that long ago and as old as I am I still have a good memory - Sometimes I can sit down for hours at a stretch and sometimes I can not. I would however really appreciate a Cliff Notes version of the book though, that would be cool.

But yea! I get to start out my weekend at the movies! With a full house! Yay! The crowd goes a long way to establishing the mood of the whole thing, an empty house is dull and you might as well have stayed home and watched in on DVD. A big movie really needs a big house. You want to hear cheers and intakes of breath and just the group vibe and the thrill of experiencing it with like minded strangers.

The move is going to take me into the weekend where I have a list of stuff to do. 1) Dog Cookies, I have three varieties to make and I really want this done. I did seven the last time I did this, three should be a cake walk. 2) Laundry, laundry, laundry! 3) The dog needs a bath 4) The yard needs to be raked, 5) I want to get the garden seeded with the green fertilizer I bought earlier in the fall. It needs to get in the ground.

That looks like a long list now that its all together. The laundry and the cookies can be done simultaneously so those tasks at the very least I should be able to get done. After those probably comes the raking, a drag but the sivty is going to start coming by to collect leaves and I want to get the first batch taken care of ASAP. I have one of  the four trees on my block and I hate to pollute this whole end of the street with my leaves.

The garden seeding should be next, I need to take up the top soil and then add the soil I have in reserve to cover the seeds. I would have a lot more dirt but my flowers are still going strong and I don't feel right pulling them out yet. I could probably sacrifice one of the flowers and that  give me a lot of dirt to work with. I don't know what I'll do with the other dirt from the  still healthy plants. That is another problem for another day.

The dog can be done late Sunday. I would love to get all this done but unless I really buckle down it won't happen. Its the weekend, I'm not sure how I feel about buckling.

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