Friday, December 3, 2010

Checking her list

Well. While I didn't actually sit down and power through my Christmas card list, I did get three of them prepped to mail and got three bags of cookies boxed up. I counted and that's three down, seven to go. One was a late addition that didn't make it onto the Official List, so in fact, I did extra credit.

I also went through The List and separated the cards into  piles 1) Send with Cookies and 2) Just send, and 3) Work people - with and without cookies. There is also the list of who gets the "good" cards and who gets the "other" cards.  Point of order, the "other" cards are quite lovely in their own right.This took a lot longer than you would think  but now I am certain that while I ordered the right amount of  "good" cards, that I need to be very careful  with them because there are no extras. I gave myself a firm pat on the back for saving envelopes from last year from a few newbies so this year I will properly add them to my permanent list of "good" card getter's. Of course I will.

While I was sitting there feeling all organized and getting things together and separating my cards into little piles and I decided I could really get started trying to get started until I was able to mail the cookies, because it doesn't matter how many tidy piles I create if they have nowhere to go. A trip to Wallyworld ensued. I didn't need to buy more decorations but I did anyway. If I don't buy up the sparkly Moravian stars because I know they're Moravian stars then they are going to be bought by people who think they are merely "star-bursts" and that would be wrong and disrespectful. It was a public service really.

So what I will do it to put together my boxes and add a card with an ingredient list included to each - which I will remember to sign and  then plop in the bags of cookies, secure the whole mess and seal. I'm not planning on doing anything to personalize them because I am all ready personalizing them by remembering they have dogs.

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