Monday, February 21, 2011

I feel all hung over now.

I thought I hit the highpoint early, when I found and transported back to my house, on foot, a twelve pack of empty 40s! You never know how far away from your house you really are until you have to carry back a dozen 40 oz bottles. I was very excited, as you don't usually find that many 40s just  laying around - one or two at a time, sure, after a holiday weekend, but twelve? that's a find along the lines you don't usually find unless Wild Irish Rose is on sale, and those are small bottles and some are plastic. There are still a few of the 40s left where I found and I am going back to get those too. If I didn't do this, no one else would. I get these up and out or they stay there indefinitely.

Glass and plastic don't rot or decay. Once there, they are there forever and they pile up and eventually they break and do not act as fertilizer in any way and now you have piles of broken glass and while they do catch the light and glimmer and shine in a very atractive way, no argument there,  they are piles of broken glass. Lovely.

And so I go about my way like a reverse Easter Bunny.

I got home with sore arms and a renewed dedication to cross training because I could now claim I worked out my weight lifting.

Saturday was Book Sale Day! I got  cash from the ATM and set myself a budget. And then the gorging began. I paid $2 a hardcover and $1 and still ate until I had to be rolled home. I did pretty well, coming home with my prize for day, Entertaining Under the Influence by Amy Sedaris and handful of other titles I was glad to get. Later on, I cavorted with Alphgal and Tiny E while Broskey fixed Bike.

And then on Sunday, Alphagal and I went back to the book sale for $5 box day and waited in line for an hour to get in.  Long story short? My haul for the weekend was 65 books, 32 hardcover and I spent $33, coming in under budget.  I got everything from Edith Wharton to Kathy Griffin to a book about making your own curtains. I filled three bookshelves and had to re-home my DVD collection. Borders picked a suck weekend to tank because I'm not going to be in the market for books, new or retail or discounted,  for months.

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