Friday, February 18, 2011

Moving along

I decided I needed to find a better way to have the bike in the car. I thought about how bike traveled in Minnie. Bike traveled upright, as opposed how bike was traveling in Element, on its side. I felt that this was not in the bikes best interest  as it would lead to damage and I don't want the grease getting all over and it would, and it was a pain in the ass for me. I needed to get a plan because I really want Bike to live in the car but for that to happen I was going to need to make some changes.


I thought more about how Bike had traveled and I thought about the interior of Minnie. I thought of where bike had been positioned in Minnie. Bike was upright, supported on one side  by the seat and on the other by side of the wall of the car.  I  took the bike in and out of the car by the side door.

In Element, Bike traveled on its side, unsupported and I had to slide it in and out by the back bay doors. It would start out upright but it would fall down the minute I turned a corner or used the breaks. This is not a good way to have the bike in the car and I know that in the bike friendly Element, that this was not the way it was supposed to be and there is no way that Minnie would be in any way superior to Element. This is not allowed in my world view.

A plan had to be hatched. I went out  Element and studied the situation. The bike had been upright in Minnie because there was support for it. There was support for it because there was a  seat in the van, in Minnie I have kept both seats in their upright positions so that I would have lots of room in the car for the dog and the bike , but not at the same time. Dogger likes to spread out and I don't want dog fur in my seats - I have dog fur on everything else that I own, its nice to have at least one thing that is not covered in fur. It is also stupid and not realistic.

What was not occurring to me was that there are seats in the back of Element!, there is no sufficient reason why the seats aren't down really, except that I think its neat that they don't have to be. They are nice seats, but I haven't had the luxury of being able to move seats around before and  I enjoyed playing with them.

I put one of the seats down! and low and behold, I created a support for bike! I can pick bike up and slide bike in and bike doesn't fall over. I don't think I can use the side door to maneuver bike in and out, but the back bay is not hard to work with.

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