Thursday, March 31, 2011


I want to know who ordered more winter? I'm not completely sure but I'm pretty sure that the official groundhog said this this crap was supposed to be done by now. Its cold and wet and gloomy. April starts tomorow and this mess needs to be over because I have a friend coming in end of the next week and I am not interested in showing her the city through a fogged window, or walking around in the rain or wearing a coat. Not at all.

I successfully gave Small Cat his first dose of his med, I'm glad its in liquid form because I sense that he would not be the easy pill that Tex was. Tex as a pilling dream. Tex was kind of a pill himself so I guess there was some professional courtesy at work but still, he never complained about it. Small Cat was a little bit fidgety during the three seconds it took and I have a feeling that I should be glad I wasn't having to stick my fingers down his throat and unlike Tex, Small Cat has all his teeth and I feel he wouldn't be afraid to show me just how sharp they are.

Until Tuesday, Small Cat didn't have a medical record, by the time Tex was two years old he had logged more time in vets offices than a producer on Animal Planet and he had given up  trying to fight me on treatments. Dogger was shocked that I was going to a vet and not taking her, I think she was a little put out. The vet I saw with Small Cat was the one who sees Dogger and he was shocked that I didn't have Dogger with me. I wasn't. I was glad, the less we see of him the better, as nice a guy as he is and as sweet as his dog themed ties are, the less time I spend with him the better.

I explained that all this time I had this secret pet that I hadn't told him about because I didn't want to jinx Small Cat and I didn't want to give the vet any ideas about how often I should be bringing him in. Small cat lives inside and doesn't visit with other cats and since infancy has been healthy and accident free and hasn't needed to visit a vets office. Of course he has badish knees.

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