Friday, April 29, 2011


Because if I spend any more time up close and personal with the tree I will lose my mind, I had a lovely evening weeding my container garden. I know that in general we have container gardens so that we might not have to weed our gardens but I don't roll that way. I do  not  however,weed my garden garden, because I use weed barrier and tunnel vision. They don't make weed barrier for container gardens - because they don't traditionally host weeds.

I suppose I could cut and paste  the same weed barrier I use in the garden for the pots but, if they wanted us to do that they would make weed barrier in smaller pieces, like quilt squares instead of having to buy a bolt of fabric. But they don't so there must be some reason for that... Maybe potted plants for some reason are not able to host barrier or its bad for them? Do ornamentals and flowers object to the barrier fabric? has anyone studied this? Is there some sot of of flower governing body we could ask? or there is some kind of union thing with the makers of the pots? In real life I think that probably has to do with the multiplicity of pot size? But isn't that why they invented scissors? I mean not all gardens are the same size of width! I employee scissors when I use it in the big garden.

Is it because pots are round? And why can't they come with little pattern thingies? How hard would that be and I bet they could charge more too and no one would mind. We would all be so excited about how clever it was that they thought to include the pattern thingies we wouldn't even notice they charged more!

And when I think about it? They could bag up scraps of the larger sizes , give us less of it and tell us how they specially designed these pieces of previously wasted fabric specifically for container gardens and give us less of it and change us more and we would still be super excited about buying it. Slap a green sticker on it and tell us how recyclingy the whole thing is and there are those of us who will pay twice the price for a third of the product. Then swoop in and tell us the wrapper is made of recycled coke bottles and old flip flops and we'll fork over even more.

Anyway. My container garden looks much sleeker now, at least to me, you wouldn't be able to tell.

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