Friday, April 1, 2011


Okay. I'm not going to take the blame. I came home, I walked the dog in the rain, I'm not  a masochist, it wasn't raining that hard when we left and by the time it was, it was too much trouble to turn back. But now I had walked the dog in the rain.

I fed and pilled Dogger, medicated Small Cat, changed clothes, fed myself and the settled into to watch a little TV.  I was fine,  and at some point, Small Cat decided to join me. Have I mentioned it was cold, and rainy and now I had a warm cat in my lap? The TV got really annoying somewhere along the way so I turned it off and I noticed it was 5:45. Early, not a problem. And then it was 8:33. Late, now I had a problem.

Cold, raining, blanket, comfy chair, cat-in-lap. I was helpless.

Speaking of Small Cat.  Day 2 of meds. As I was leaving for work this morning, I saw he was sitting in the front window. He can jump up there and get on and off the bed but he appears to need a running start to get air. He was able to jump over the baby gate into the office but he couldn't jump back over the gate to get out. He can boogie up the stairs but he has to take a rest about half way up.

Before I fell asleep, I perused my L.L Bean catalogue. In a perfect world I would snap up say, four, five of their Double L  Three Quarter sleeve scoop neck tees. That would be a world where I could afford to spend $19.50 for a tee shirt. I would also spend the same on several of their verynice polo shirts because the ones I have are for shit.

It doesn't matter. Its never going to get warm enough for me to wear tee shirts anyway. Its going to be cold and dank and gross forever.

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