Monday, April 4, 2011

Garden Update 2 2011

If I got this much done during the week at work I would be the Queen of North Carolina.

Starting Friday night I went through all my books and thinned out the titles I didn't need anymore, this wasn't very hard because it was just a matter of  throwing out donating all the paperback detective novels. I was going to sell them to a used book store but I decided I would get more from the IRS next year. Thus far the tallie is up to fifty-one paperbacks and nine hardcovers.

Before I even started on that exercise, (now I know why I don't dust, dust makes me sneeze and the less I bother the dust the less I sneeze. Lesson learned).  I catalogued all my give away clothes I  had collected during an earlier purge of my closets. Three glad bags and fifteen hangers worth of tax deductible joy. I thought you know, lalala until I saw someone selling their stuff in a parking lot. I should be grateful I can afford to give my stuff away.

After all that work on my interior, I looked to the exterior. I visited my friendly neighborhood nursery boutique, I discovered that the inpatients and ground cover had landed! I was able to get everything I wanted and after I got home I got everything in the planters. Yay!

inpatients and erysimum canaries


Back garden is still the same, but the light was nice. I am hopeing that next Sunday I can get it tilled up. I am also hopeing that I'll be able to get the drip hose put down as well but that might be too much but a girl has to dream big. I want to get my plants in the week after that. Peppers, tomato and beans.

So, I was super worker girl. Upstairs cleaned, swept and put away, discarded clothes bagged up and ready for Goodwill, book shelves thinned and discards boxed up. I got the flowers planted in the front planters and I mowed the yard.

Now all I have to do is vacuum the entire house and change the guest bed. In think I can do it over the work week. Tired now.

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