Friday, April 15, 2011

Next Friday I have off

I hate Walmart. I went in there for a seed bell for Small Cat, so he can be entertained, and ended up with, well, more . On the upside, I now have a lot of different types of bird seed, some seed for gold finches, for example, and a new drip hose - drip hoses have notoriously short life spans and even if I made up the part about their life span issues? I expanded the garden... Gah.

And a new timer, with two hose hook ups because I may very well need that option, I can't be sure and I don't want to limit my garden inspiration. I might have some sort of garden epiphany and what if I wasn't able to follow through! Oh my Gawd! That would be tragic and it might kill my plants. I might have the best garden idea ever but it requires two hoses on different schedules... Who's to say?

I also bought the bush bean seeds for my potatoes and some lovely morning glory seeds to hopefully plant in the front in a pot or pots - I don't want to limit myself to a single pot. I might want to spread the Morning Glory joy to more than a single loci.

Speaking of things in pots, I decided to go with adding more dirt to the potatoes even though not all the plants have achieved the specified height requirement. I didn't want to hold the strong plants back to wait around for the literal late bloomers to get their acts together. This way, I reward the good plants with nice new soil and fertilizer, while I'm showing the slow students what they can achieve if they work harder. I know that photosynthesis might be harder to under go while under ground, but if they really want it, they will find a way. Or they will die and become fertilizer for the stronger, more worthy plants. I read somewhere that an individual needs 10 plants to  end up with adequate spuds but they don't specify just how many that it. It might be more than I can manage. I might only need say, three plants to get "enough".

With my luck I will get two potaotos, both black.


I'm all ready thinking about my Morning Glories. I'm thinking about two pots in front of my porch stairs with some nice little bamboo tee-pees and maybe they'll climb up the stair rails? I mean, who knows? I have had luck with them in the past, in the back yard, and I might have the same luck with the front yard. Who knows. Maybe I'll buy a second bag of seeds and cover the whole front of my house with a veritable explosion blooms that I will never actually see.  Some how, this appeals to me.

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