Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Positive Thoughts

According to my neighbors, the men are coming for the tree at 8am. I wish I could be there to see it because I bet its going to be totally cool.  My insurance guy isn't going to be here before Friday and that's only if I can't reach him to let him know I'm not going to be here and I would prefer to be there when he's doing his tour.Its all about providing a  narrative.

It would have been really great if the guy could have come out say, yesterday or even you know, today or really at anytime that the tree was still in situ. It makes it much easier to tell him how tall the tree was and how vast it was once it fell if he could actually see the tree.

Of course, I do have a lot of pictures of the tree, but not so much of the yard and not many of the roof,  carport or the shed or the lawn - all things that were damaged in the storm - the tree was  just such a huge event that I'm afraid that the whole constellation of damages might go under reported - if I'm not there to supervise and point out less obvious issues.

I told the neighbors that they could direct the crew to use my yard as they need, and  for the crew to not feel shy about doing their job and doing whatever they need to do to get that monstrosity out of our worlds.  What I don't know is if they are going to remove the whole tree or if they are just going to remove the tree in their yard and leave the trunk and root ball in mine. I would imagine they would take the whole damn thing, which would be super, but I think it might help my narrative if some of the tree was there as proof the tree was there in the first place.

Why didn't I take more pictures of the tree when it was there? Stupid girl! The lesson is to  document, document, document. If it looks like it has the potential to crush your stuff, take its picture while its still vertical and your stuff is not crushed under it. Its important to document your stuff when its all shiny and three dimensional - not just when its all broken and flattened out.

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