Monday, April 11, 2011

Yay Monday

And I'm back. That was fast. Did you know that it is possible to drive to the airport at a quarter to six in the morning and not be dreaming? Yeah, as if you would dream about driving to the airport in the dark. Not very dreamie I must say. On  the upside, seventeen minutes later I was back on the road and I went back to bed. On the downside, I did not go back to sleep, it  turns out my blackout shades work best when its dark outside.

We had a great time in the little time we had together. We went to a tour of historic homes in New Bern and it was very lovely, this year as if they knew we would be pressed for time, they conveniently located all the houses very close together. In other years the tour homes weren't located as close as they were this year. I rather prefer going to different places, but it would not have worked out as well for us and we wouldn't have seen nearly as many of the homes as we did.

And then she went home. Waaaahhhhh! I wanted her to stay longer! I just went checked my class presidents facebook page to see ask if there were any plans afoot for our 25th! reunion but then I started to have second thoughts about that because the thing I want not at all is to get roped into helping with the 25th reunion. I'm a bad person. On the upside, she is a very good person and I'm sure she is on it all ready.

Speaking of getting on things, I have to get on my garden. I would have liked the get the tilling done Sunday, but it poured all night Saturday and I decided against tilling in the mud. Instead I went and picked up trellisi and some netting for my pees and beans to grow on. The netting was not actually trained  to be a product to be used my climbing vines, but I can't see why it could not learn a new skill.  I think what I am going to do is space the trellisi further apart than I had originally thought and then attached the netting between each trellis and the exsisting fenceing. I also got some bamboo to act as bracing should I need it and also as a possible tee-pee for more plants to climb. I haven't gotten my peppers yet and I haven't looked at tomatoes either. I wasn't going to but now I'm looking at a sauce variety and my old friend Carolina Gold - But not more than one of each.

I'm thinking that the tomatoes will go along the side of the house with the potatoes, and not in the garden itself. I tried to make a little map image but it didn't turn out, my CAD skills are the suck.

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