Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yay Tuesday

Do you know how dire the situation is around here? I ate rice for desert. For reals.  I officially gave up desert foods for Lent but I have not been as strong as I might have been but I have managed to not buy any pre-made anything, well, not anything, but nothing in a box and I have avoided  buying donuts at dedicated donut stores, thus far, even ones I could ride my bike to, if I wanted to. Rice for desert.

I did include a caveat that I could have that sort of thing if I made it myself so I made some nice muffins but since they were home made they had a shelf life of about six minutes and even I can't eat a whole batch of muffins in six minutes.  I mean, literally six minutes, they've been refrigerated and protected from the elements their entire lives and they are hard as rocks. I would put them out for the birds but I'm afraid they would hurt their beaks. Far be it from me to cause the whole sale damage of  local birds. It might make them turn to slower, easier to get prey, like me. And they all ready made The Birds and I would hate to be derivative.

Which reminds me that I need to get a new seed bell for my little friends. Small Cat really likes watching them out the window and feeling all Great Small Hunter.

Oh speaking of small greatness. I got my protest on over my lunch hour. My sign said "Collective Bargaining For All". The other signs said "I am a Man, I am a Woman, I am a Taxpayer". The protest was called in order to remember the protest that MLK was attending in Memphis when he was assassinated. The marchers there wore signs that said "I am a Man". They were also asking for collective bargaining rights. We stood silently for fifteen minutes and then broke for a rally. I had to go back to work. It was kind of cool though.

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