Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Talk

Blogger has changed thing again and I'm not sure I like it. For example, I would like to access the site with some ease. My vote would be for "press the button get the site" but I guess I am not thinking like they do, which is "press the button get a white screen". Their way must better.

Whatever. While I was trying to figure out how to access the site, I noticed that there were a lot of sirens headed down New Bern Avenue. I don't know what was going on, but whatever it was is was heading away from me. Crises averted.

I know you have a lot of questions about the potatoes! I know when I'm not thinking about ways to decorate the  dead giant tree for the holidays - Flags and butting for July 4th, Ghosts and witches for Halloween,  maybe painting it with Thanksgiving themes and then Christmas lights! -  because surely it will still be here, I am thinking about the potatoes.

I did call folks this weekend about hauling away Mr. Tree and only two called me back. One is coming on Monday to tell me its going to cost three grand to dispose of it, and the other couldn't get to me until June! My last hope is the neighbors sub contractor who is going to tell me its too big a job.

Back to calming talk about potatoes! This afternoon I added the last layer of dirt and planted the protective green beans. Next year I am absolutely going to stick with a single variety! It is very confusing dealing with three different varieties and their growing schedules. I'm just going by who is the tallest and serving them, but since I know really, jack about potatoes, this could be the wrong way of dealing with them. Next year I'm going not going to go all all fancy like I did this time and go with a single kind and then, you know, then learn about it.  I might even try for planting in the fall and having Christmas potatoes. I'm not sure how easy it is to get dirt in the fall and winter though. I can't remember if the stores sell bags of dirt past the end of the summer and I'm almost positive the dirt store isn't open at all.

But still, they are so easy to grow! Cut them up or not, put them on the dirt and wait for them to sprout. Add dirt. Repeat as needed. Its not rocket science, says the person who hasn't even gotten through the beginning of the beginning with her "crop". Its easy now, early one, who knows what later is going to bring? I see bugs and worms and rot - or not, it could work very well, it might end up being a real winner. Lets hold on to that thought, potatoes as winning crop I want to do every year.

If nothing else the leaves are green and pretty and lush.

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