Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And then they were tasty.

I needed to take care of my potatoes in a hurry. I would much rather have them to use at my leisure but wasn't going to be with that first batch. I decided that mashed is the new rid.

Have you ever made home made mashed potatoes? Its a little messy. Somehow I did not think about the mess involved, they aren't at all messy when someone else makes them for you.  Its even more messy when you try to be all cool and use the wrong tool. Lesson learned. On the upside, I am a fast learner. I ended up with the best mash potaotos ever.

I had no idea though that it would be as time consuming as it was and my recipe was really very easy, but first you got to peel the spuds and then cube the spuds then boil the spuds then simmer the spuds then drain the spuds then add the cream and butter and sexy, sexy roasted garlic to the spuds then you have to mash - don't -make-a-mess-the-spuds and then finally eat the spuds then I was going to freeze the mashed potatoes.

That is not going to happen. Those puppies are going to be lucky to last out the week. So. Freaking.Good. It is so different when you are dealing with really fresh produce (also helps I grew them myself, I would imagine that this adds to the taste) They didn't even taste a little like what you buy at the store, the whole texture was different - silky instead of flaky, and the taste was just so much pure-r and sweeter then the stuff you get in the five pound bags. Next year I am so putting a lot more of them in the ground, side yard, back yard, in the ground maybe. The earth is the limit. Nummy.

Garlic Mashed Potato recipe

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Yo'momma said...

You don't have to peel the potatoes.