Friday, June 3, 2011

Garden Photoblogging maddness

The photo fairy has arrived! It turned out it wasn't the computers' fault! Who knew? It turns out that the card is just very, very, very old and I need to retire it. When I switched out the widget I use to get the photos from the card to the machine, it wasn't the widgets problem. Color me shocked. There are these little, tiny pieces of plastic on the end of the card that mates with the card reader had bent and are going to fall off. I moved the pieces into place and finally it worked, most likely for the last time.

Anyway. I finally got the pictures, now three days old of the garden.

 Note, that while the green beans are lush and gorgeous, they aren't making baby beans. I don't know when they are supposed to do this, so I can't judge if they are having a problem or if this is just how they do things. The peas growing in tandem with the beans are almost invisible and not  lush or gorgeous.

 These are the peas growing on the fence. I see light lushness and the potential for gorgeousness here. I just wish there was more here here.

 Watermelon plant #1. This guy is really working hard. He is trying to climb the fence, I blame too much time with the pea plants. I'm pretty sure watermelons are not meant to be a climbing vine. Also, my fence was not built with climbing watermelons in mind.

 Watermelon plants #2 and #3. Plant #3 is clearly too close to plant #2 and I doubt for its continued good health. I'm pretty sure either plant #2 or plant #1 are going to eat it. Plant #2 is very nice, but not as vigorous as plant #1.

 The tomatoes. Its a jungle! I am hopeing this experiment works out. I think the plants seem happy enough thus far. There are fetal fruits all over the plant and new flowers open every day.

 Of the peppers these are the most mature. I have three beds of these and so far, the guys with the tomatoes are doing the best and seem the most healthy. The other beds the plants are smaller and less full figured. They all have blooms though.

These are one of the other two pepper beds. Note how much smaller they are. I think they are less than a week younger than the other bed. I am concerned.

 This is an example of on of the baby tomatoes. Isn't it adorable?

These are the beans in the satellite bed. They are doing as well as can be expected. The one plant is doing much better than the others, I am still spraying them with poison about three times a week. I need them to be a little older before they become less atractive to whatever is eating them. I am pleased with their progress and I am begining to have some hope for their future.

 The pumpkin vine. It is the prettiest thing ever. Much prettier than the watermelons, as they seem spiky-er and less touchable, less relatable. I want to cuddle with the pumpkins.

 Potato plants. I have stopped watering the Yukon golds with the idea that I will harvest them weekend after next, at approximately 100 days. The Hollands I will stop watering in a few days and I will harvest them at 110 days.

 Raspberry plants. I have taken four berries from them. My hope with them for next year is to be able to replant them into the newly shade-free back yard. They should spread.

These are on the plant I didn't think was going to produce berries at all.

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