Monday, June 20, 2011

Garden Update 19 2011

A little maintenance and our first fatality.

I decided that since the watermelon vine had decided to squat in the yard and since they hadn't been destroyed by the same bugs that  tried to kill everything in the satellite garden that I would just let it happen and hope for the best.

"Hope for the best" does not mean "let it be".

Clearly its not as tidy as the main garden, but I intentionally did not put the garden in the middle of the tree. Man plans, God laughs. I didn't have any more weed barrier so I had to go shopping for new. I was at Lowes and thought I would kill two birds with one stone and just pick up some from them. "Them" has a lot of nerve! $12-$43  for weed barrier?! I'm glad lawn services feel comfortable wasting their clients cash that way. I don't need it to "last for years", I need it to last the season, and for $5, Poverty Barn was there. I am envisioning that I am going to need to add on as time goes on. Who knew three plants was going to be this much?  They looked so sad and lonely and not a little waste of valuable garden space when I just planted them. How things change.

While we are talking about the watermelons:

 Then. about the size of a plum

Now, about the size of a softball

I had no idea it had grown that much. Now, if it would just keep growing and if the other beadmelons would grow as well...

Speaking of new growth:

My pumpkins are bi-sexual! A female bloom formed!, now she is very young and she could still die on the vine, as I discovered one of her sisters did, but,  she is a start.

Speaking of starts:

One of the front peppers finally started to produce! Its one that lives with the tomatoes - never again, by the way, the other peppers, away from the toms are doing fabulously well and have been . Next year, I will know better.

 Just a sample of the average growth in the tomaoto bed. Still growing, getting there but not ripe yet.

Not ideal, but getting riper. The blossom end rot can be cut off and not hurt the rest of the fruit after its harvested. These are all going for sauce anyway, their looks won't matter.

I had no idea this one was this far along or I would have harvested it earlier. I didn't know it was damaged. I think this will be The Problem of the season, too many plants too close together and a general lack of attention to detail on my part. This shouldn't have happened. In the future I will pay more attention to all the plants, not just the sexy ones.

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