Wednesday, June 1, 2011


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I am so sorry now that I bitched about how much I hated the cold and how the winter would never end and how miserable and cold I was and how much I miss the summer and warmth and its attendant joys. Back back is a bitch. Those were the days. I should have embraced the cold! I should have tried to concentrate on how I wasn't sweating or panting or itchy. I should have just added another layer and rode the bike an extra mile and became one with the not hot.

One day I was shivering on the exerbike and the next I was sweating in front of the TV and trying to decide how worth moving enough to go search for the remote. All of a sudden its like seven thousand degrees outside and I am confused.

I also forgot how fast my house goes from an icebox to a convection oven...How is it that I forgot so fast about how shockingly unpleasant heat is and what a total bastard humidity is? All I thought about over the winter was how wonderful it would be to be warm. I am trying to remember how unpleasant getting dressed in the morning was or how much I detest cold water running down my arms at 5am.

While I was freezing over the winter my dream was to hold off on the A/C until at least the second week of June but that was a dream deferred This year the A/C went active on 5/30, I make myself feel better by the fact that I think last year it went live a couple of weeks earlier. I get up to brush my teeth in the morning and by the time I get to the bathroom - a total of about twelve feet, and I've sweat through my nightie! This is just wrong. I also have changed my stance on cold water running down my arms. Now, I am a big fan.

I want to add that that this change of heart comes even with the assistance of a cranky but hard working window unit and a box fan going all night! Until a few weeks ago (it seems) I slept in four layers of pajamas and under about two feet of blankets and I was still cold, now I am wondering how dedicated I am to sleep wear and do I really need a sheet and whether I could lean to adjust to not using one at all and really,what am I protecting myself from anyway? My ceiling? I don't bunk in a soddy or in a leaky tent - I mean com on! It'd not necessary to create a 200 thread count cocoon for myself! There are no monsters under the bed and I am completely sure that no witch lives at the end of my bed lying in wait to eat my toes.

I have a cat for protection. I know he's there because I can hear him panting.

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