Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Watermelons and pumpkins!

Big News!

What do you not see? Yup! The tree is gone! They came and they took it away!  The first thing I did was call my Fence Man and tell him the good news. He's coming tomorrow! I did tell him to not step on my watermelons, but I bet he will, I hope he doesn't. It might be not all that bad because there are no baby melons where he could hurt them. I should consider myself lucky that the crane that spent the day in my yard didn't destroy anything I couldn't fix. I really wish I could have been there to watch it though. Upside? tree is gone.

I  decided I wanted to spend more time bragging on my garden.  Yesterday we concentrated on the backyard and today we're going to be in both yards. Yay!

First up, the younger watermelon

The picture quality is not great but,  this is what it looks like, its about the size of the top  half of my thumb. There are three even younger melons in various stages of development but they are so small and so young that they could still go either way. The melon I went all melon husbandry in the satellite garden on has run away from home, I really offended it or it got eaten. It in any case, its not there anymore. Sigh.

Still growing, not quite as lushly as it was, but still doing its thing. Every time I find a new female bloom it either disappears or dies on the vine. I don't know if its because I used whole pumpkins as starts or if my shite soil isn't doing to job or I am hosting nasty beasties that are doing their jobs. Bastards. Next year I start with seeds.

But, it is still growing, for instance

It has grown up into my shrubbery. Now I can't trim it back because I might cut the vine back. If I get a pumpkin up there - because I can't get to it, that seems to be the only way anything will grow for me, is to grow in such away I can't mess with them, I will be most thrilled. I think it might be really safe up there too and not just from me.

The porch is still perking along, my morning glories are still very glorious in the morning. I am very excited that my non-flowering plants are just as pretty as my flowering plants.  So far so good.

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