Friday, July 1, 2011

Pepper Uppers

I decided to get in touch with my inner locavore. I made stuffed peppers with peppers grown in my garden stuffed with potatoes grown in my garden, tomatoes grown in my garden and other peppers from my garden. And ground turkey bought from my grocery.

With a side of healthy whole wheat pasta, also bought from my grocery. I was a little surprised that my purple peppers became green while in the oven. It doesn't matter what color they ended up, they were really, really good. A lot better than the ones I picked last year and I'm pretty sure they were bigger too and much, much prettier!

The purple is just so much nicer than the green ones. I did plant some green varieties, because they're traditional  but I also planted some yellow ones and my big experiment is going to be to see if they taste different. So far the purple ones are winning and not just because they are the first ones that came ripe.

 I've been planting peppers for years and I've never gotten them to  grow the size they sell in the grocery but I think they are some sort of Frankenpeppers that they create somewhere that isn't actually found in nature, like some lab under a Nuke plant where they use pepper enhancing drugs! Chemical additives! In real life peppers don't grow that big without some sort of outside help and I don't mean tutors.

I don't use jack on my peppers so they are normally sized peppers. If my peppers were male and had genitalia, they would be of normal size and they would work. Yup, not like those grocery store Franken peppers - who probably can't satisfy the girl peppers. For real.

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Tiffany said...

I *love* stuffed peppers. Haven't had them in forever, though, because SOMEONE in this house won't eat anything that has been cooked in the same vicinity as a pepper.

(Lemme know the next time you make them. I'll be that little tap on the door you hear.)