Monday, August 8, 2011

What I got done his weekend, in no particular order

- pulled out clothes for trip
-made decisions about clothes for trip
- collected dog and cat things
-laundered dog things
- spent way too long over thinking pill distribution and storage for one and all
- paused Netflix
-paused paper
- changed mind about clothes for trip
- temporarily changed address for mail
-cleaned out car with leaf blower
-got locks for shed
- shopped for food for trip
- nailed down irrigation for back yard
- packed clothes for trip
- scheduled yard man
- turned on free 3 months of XM for the car
- did laundry
- delt with over night deluge that tried to flood basement and left yard sodden
- kept dealing with puddles in basement
- corrected back yard irrigation
-unpacked clothes for trip
-harvested peppers and tomatoes
- prepped and froze peppers and tomatoes
-delt with puddles in basement
-repacked for trip
-harvested watermelon

the tag with the plants said the melons, "Crimson Sweet" would be 20 lbs. I'm not sure how much this one came out to but it weighs a lot more than Small Cat.

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