Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another brick in the wall

I came home, I put on my little Rangers shirt and I planned my evening around watching the game. I even went to Target in my shirt to spread the Ranger love, apart from trying to proselytize to my fellow customers, I needed to get my 2012 calender for work and I heard they had some nice ones in the $1 section.

In years past, I had to pick out what kind of calender I wanted and sometime in December a new calender magically appeared - as office supplies tend to do. But then last year, my boss decided that the tax payers of North Carolina should buy my sticky notes, pens and printer ink but they should under no circumstances be asked to buy my calender! She removed the all ready delivered calenders that the unit had ordered and replaced them with versions she bought at the Dollar Store. I wonder if she wrote them off her taxes?

This year I didn't  even get the form for ordering the state sanctioned calenders. I hope the wacky  right wing taxpayers for whom my boss stands get  warm glows of satisfaction as a result of my being denied a decent calender -  Oh, wait I'm a tax payer and we don't get to pick and chose what our tax dollars go to because God knows I have a long list of things I object to having my state and federal tax dollars wasted on and I demand a refund for the Shrub Years as well.- I do not object to buying every other state employee a calender. I do not see a huge savings in denying  calenders to seven people. Freaking Tea Party idiots, they should be afraid, the more money I save buying discount calenders the more I have to donate to Democratic candidates and left-wing organizations and the more often I have to buy my own office supplies because they are such hateful bitches, the more I donate. Keep it up assholes, I've been saving up.

We are the 99% you jack-holes!  You will be the first up against the wall when the revolution comes. I think tomorrow in honor of having to buy my own office supplies because you hate me, I'm going to Sam's and buy some soup for the Occupiers.

I came home with my el cheapo discount calender and found that The Game had been rained out! I'm wearing my shirt and everything! I have my rally flag out too! This means that Thursday I have to put my shirt back on and make sure my rally flag is on stand by and try to get my groove back.

GO   RANGERS !!!!!!!!!

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