Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy Raleigh

Well, I left early, I need to fess up. I left because 1) I object to being categorized as "marginalized" merely because of my gender "Well, if we have ten men lined up and one woman, we go with who is the most marginalized". Fuck you.  and 2) The band played Four Dead in Ohio/Nixon's Coming as a dirge and that song is not a dirge. It is incandescent with rage, it is the musical version of the St. Crispin's Day speech. Gawd. You play that song to get the crowd hot and angry and ready to turn buses over and  to start this thing by whatever means necessary not to make them think about the day Grandma died.
Anyway. I also object to trying to explain parliamentary procedure to 350 people in the middle of a park and I also think Jazz Hands  to show I agree and hugging myself like a frustrated three year old because I don't is really, really, really lame. If you want to know why they are still occupying Wall Street its because everything is a damn vote.

On the upside, congrats Tea Party. Thanks to your efforts you have created a nation of very angry proto-Socialists. Good Job, jack-holes. My real fear is that the whole Occupy movement is being bankrolled by the  same right wing money-men who bankrolled the Tea Party to further splinter the left and confuse the center and enrage the right. I fear the advent of Occupy candidates running under the Occupy banner and not as Democrats. Because that's what  pissed off Democrats do because we are just that stupid.

Anyway. Photo-Blogging!

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