Thursday, October 20, 2011


I had read on Facebook that the game started at 7:05 - and something does, in Dallas, I'm guessing  there is great televised joy and much excitement but here in the rest of the world, the game actually starts at 7:30 . Imagine how terrified I was to  tune in to the game and instead find Two and a Half Men! I mean really. I should sue someone for emotional damage.

I thought about just "watching" the game on my phone, via keeping an eye on the score and not actually watching the game itself. Its easier that way, I should probably, just to learn the gross differences in the uniforms because most of the time I'll be watching on the dieing tube in the office and it doesn't really differentiate between colors, everything is just variations of lime green and violet. I do know the Rangers wear either blue or red and I assume a team called the Cardinals most likely wears red. These are not colors that work well in a noxious acid lime green and violet environment. I need to know the difference because in the last games, I credited the Rangers with a really sloppy error that was so bad even I recognized it was both sloppy and an error and it turned out it was the other teams sloppy error. Oops. Later in the same game the Rangers did almost the exact same thing, but they did it the right way - It turns out that two players can go after a ball and not  knock their heads together and then  drop the ball in tandem. Good game, Tigers.

Its times like this that a lap top would be a nice edition to my merry band of apliences. It would be so much easier if I wasn't shackled to the computer in a room with a bad TV - but if I was free of the desk top, the office would be just Doggers Room and I'm not sure how I feel about having a 100% dedicated Dog Room.  Are there such things as dog ladies? Do guys get shit for being pet owners? No, they do not. If a woman has three cats clearly she will never marry and she probably dresses them in onesies when no on is around but if a man has three dogs, he's a dog lover, good for him and I bet he will make a great Dad.

Speaking of Dogger, I tried to take her on a walk but she preferred to get her exercise by jumping around and trying to climb her leash instead, so we toured out back yard and I played and lost and lost and lost some more on Angry Birds. This is a bad evil game and I wish I had never started with it. I also wish it would let me skip level 18 and move on with my life.


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