Monday, December 12, 2011

Adding to the pile.

Did lots of Dogger-centric things this weekend ( made cookies, took Dogger to see Santa, made her Christmas cards), did not spend a lot of time with Dogger. I also saw every single house on the Historic District Christmas Tour of Homes. All eleven, on foot thank-you-very-much. In order. In order damn it! No skipping around for me. They call me hardcore.

All this did not kill me, no it only made me stronger. I took this new personal growth and  bought plastic sheet protectors and a binder - No. I did not steal these items from work, where we have lots of them that no one keeps track of other than myself  which would be easier and cheaper but morally wrong, and put all my recipes that I've run off the computer or tore out of magazines. Prior to this burst of organizational  do-gooding, they were folded up in the front of a cookbook. On topic but it wasn't easy to find things. Now it is easy to find things. Yay.
I also put up my creche set and brought out my Christmas paper. No word as to when I'm going to to wrap anything, but its good to be prepared, because I might just get crazy and wrap stuff. I think I would rather just tell people where their gifts are and have them go get them. Maybe play hide and seek or something or "guess which gift is meant for you". I think that one would be fun and telling.  Good for the environment too. I think its something to pursue, maybe I'll alert Moveon and the Conservation people.

I made more dog treats because there is nothing I need like more dog cookies on premise. I got rid of most of them but there are still some on the shelf and I thought they were lonely. To cure this, I made some big cookies for the big dogs. It didn't make near as many as the little cookies for the little dogs. Double edged sword, that. I also experimented with a cookie sheet I bought that looked like it would make neat, shaped cookies. It didn't. It made un-neat, shapeless cookies that made me sad. Lesson learned.

Another lesson learned? LABELS I can make labels for my cards! I don't have to struggle with my lousy handwriting, I can just print out labels and be done with it! It was a real light bulb moment. I went through my list from 2004 and added all the lose envelops I have scattered around and made a nice, neat list of everyone I know.  Yay me. And NO, labels are not impersonal.

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