Tuesday, January 24, 2012

As seen on TV

Another food related thing I did this weekend. I went to a food truck and  got myself dinner.

According to the TV, eating at a food truck is exciting and the food is outstanding .  I stood in the rain and that was not exciting ,and the food, while good, it was not outstanding. Maybe if the truck was not parked so close to my house or if they more of a menu, it might have been different. The BBQ chicken was just fine but maybe I should have found a truck serving some sort of over priced, pretentious ethnic fusion not found in nature, instead of down-home home cooking in the gas station parking lot, it would have been better. Or maybe all of it it just food from a truck.

This morning it was really cold. Almost painfully so. Now the fog is like pea soup and its almost balmy.Mother Nature wants me to be miserable.  This is why I am still sick and why I finally went to see my doctor after being sick for a month and a half. Shehe put me back on antibiotics and another cough medicine.I've dosed myself with both of them and I don't feel any different, the antibiotic should kill all the bacteria I am carrying around, good and bad and its strong enough that I should be noticing the die off by tomorrow morning.

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Tony said...

I had duck-fat-fried tater tots from a truck. I liked.