Friday, January 6, 2012

Doctor Who

I do not have pneumonia or a broken rib. My Doctor was over joyed. I am coughing all the time and it does hurt. So clearly, I'm on the mend.  My cough syrup actually worked when I took it a second time, it also  made me throw up but  dose  three stayed where I put it.

I'm fatigued again, last night I looked at the clock because I thought it was late and it turned out to be a quarter after eight. I was in bed by nine. I had been staying up until ten, so it feels like a step back - and yet, apparently, I am not ill. Today I feel  asleep in front of the TV at 5:30. Still, not ill.

Okay, I am more than my health, back to Resolutions! I decided to keep it to jobs, clear work that has to be done instead of some over arching Change . So far I've decided on  three jobs I want to do get done.

Job one -  is to empty and clean out the cabinet next to the stove. Its full of stuff and I think  it needs to be edited and some cuts are going to be made. I think I did this at some point in the past but it really needs to be done again and perhaps with more vigor. I would like to be able to store some of my bigger pots and pans in there.

Job two -  is going to be the cabinet next to the back door. I want to recycle all the re-used containers in there and donate or maybe more appropriately, throw out anything that is not useful or same how has lost its lid. When all that is done, I want to get new square containers that are easier to store. Round is nice, and I'm certainly not going to remove all round containers, but I want to move on with the more efficient square containers. This will be a big job.

Job three  - will be the cabinet over the refrigerator. I'm pretty sure I haven't looked in there since I moved in and it has somehow become full of things that I don't use because I can't get to them because they are where they are and I think the space could be better used for other kinds of storage.

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