Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Working Out

I am so lame. I stayed up a little bit past my bedtime  last night watching the Oscars (tm) and I spent the entire day today propping my eyelids open. When I was twenty I wouldn't even leave the house until 11pm and now I can barely stay up to then. Being old sucks.

My parents are coming tomorrow and instead of spending the  early part of the evening cleaning the place up and then going to bed early, I decided that what I really needed to do was to go to Big Lots and buy dirt.  So now I'm cleaning and vacuuming and putting away and its so much later than I would like. I am doing this while limping because I decided to get a pair of deeply discounted rocker sneakers and now I have a blister. My ass does not feel more shapely and I don't think my calves are toned, I don't think developing blisters was mentioned in the advertising. I'm pretty sure the only things I was supposed to develop according to the literature was my sexy. Blisters are not sexy.

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