Friday, March 30, 2012

Free at Last!

In honor of my router finally arriving - at n address I moved from over a decade ago, I am writing this from the futon. I can see the old computer from here but I don't have to use it. I am not absolutely sure that I could use it now if I wanted to. I think it needs a "thing" to function in this brave new wireless world and I don't have one of these things or have any idea what they are really called. I do not think they are called "things" in the rest of the world. Pity, because I think it would be a marketing wonder.

Dogger does not seem as over-the-moon about this new set up as I am. I think its about damn impressive while Dogger is wondering if I am going to start spending a lot of time on her futon, I think she would like to arrange some sort of shared custody where I get to see the futon but she actually gets to use the futon.

 To please Dogger, I am now in the kitchen with my pizza. I heated up the pizza while my new very best friend Rasheesh was walking me through the set up. A much different set up than was explained in the pre-printed set up instructions included with my router - instructions that said clearly "do not use the included CD" while in real life, I had to to use the included CD to set up the router. This caused no small amount of problems for Rasheedh and I.  Initially, this almost caused a melt down. It would have been helpful to my new best friend Rasheesh, if this new and improved version was included in his instructions, poor blind Rasheesh was forced to use an even  more blind and hysterical person for his guide.

But we got there.

Now what I want is all my stuff from other computer on to this computer. I want to be able to download my email without having to go use the other machine - I would also like my pictures and my Favorites. Thus far this part is a mystery.

But I'm cool with it. I am going to deal. I am going to probably plug my machine back in because I'm not sure it really wants to be unplugged - but I just checked at it says I have 5.30 hours on the battery, I can walk the fence line if I wanted to! I won't because its really dark out there and if I go outside I really need to take Dogger and I can't do both.

So I decided to go upstairs! and now my kindle is on the network! It can now download even faster!Oddly, the mouse does not like my bedspread. Tough life for Mr. Mouse, perhaps I'll let Small Cat use it as a cat toy...

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